Andrew Heath
Andrew Heath MD Phd

Andrew is a strategically focused senior business leader with a track record of outstanding results in the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industry.

Clearly focused on shareholder value, Andrew has 35 years experience in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and refinancing of market leading brands and companies. Andrew brings an in depth knowledge of US and UK capital markets and international experience in marketing and sales, research and development and business development for both large and small companies. LSE Mediscience CEO of the Year 2003.

Non-Executive Directorships, UK and US portfolio:

  • Oxford BioMedica PLC: Vice Chairman and SID
  • Morvus Technology PLC: Chairman
  • Adjuvantix PLC: Chairman
  • Pioneer Technology LLC
  • Anew Inc: Chairman
  • XL TechGroup Inc
  • BIA (UK)