Aspen Institute for Business and Society (USA)

Client: Aspen Institute for Business and Society (USA)

Project: Develop "Prize the Future" Competition


"Leesa has been tremendous to work with, providing the necessary global perspective and detailed expertise on the right contesting process as we design Aspen Institute's "Prize the Future" competition." Rebecca Darr, Senior Fellow, February 2013


To design a prize competition that identifies innovations which encourage future mindedness in capital markets and longer-term thinking and acting by the savers and users of capital and those who influence them.


  • Consult with Aspen Institute and Prize Advisory Board to clarify objectives, outcomes and integrate priorities.
  • Develop Prize strategy, including defining rules, structure, and contestants' rights.
  • Create Prize implementation plan for the Prize, including communications and marketing strategy.


  • Created a Prize 'manual' for use by Aspen Institute and project advisors.
  • Engaged 15 international experts who volunteered their time to the Advisory Council and contributed to the Prize development.
  • Successful completion of Phase 1 of the project to enable pursuit of Prize sponsors who will help fund the prizes to be awarded and support the Prize management and evaluation in Phase 2; Implementation.