Capacity Building
Capacity Building

We facilitate intimate and engaging experiences, which are a kind of an inspiration factory and support network.

We provide unrivalled access to expertise and insight, and provide opportunities to connect, share and learn with peers. Our curated opportunities enable you to take time to stop and question, and share and collaborate as a route to problem-solving or doing things differently.

We provide a range of approaches and models based on the best fit for you to achieve your goals. This includes workshops, Chatham House discussions, Pioneers for Change Fellowships, mentoring and facilitation.

A taste of our recent activities:

Pioneers for Change is leading a (worldwide) network of talented, passionate individuals and global citizens who share a conviction to create meaningful social change in the world: Read more >

Born out of a desire for independent, solution orientated, peer-to-peer dialogue, the Conversation Series provides insight on trending or emerging social impact issues: Read more >