Adessy Catalyst Packages
Adessy Catalyst Packages

Our Catalyst package is a personalised support programme for organisations or individuals to define, develop, manage, measure, and maximise their ambitions and impact.

Every Catalyst package is bespoke and built around a framework that is structured to align with crystallised thinking. We create or evolve thoughts, right through to mobilising an actionable plan.

Packages are 12 months long. In that time, they can provide strategic thinking, expert mentoring, experienced project management, valuable networking opportunities and regular impact reviews.

The goal is to support you at every stage and effectively bring your vision to life.

Who Uses Our Catalyst Packages?

Catalyst packages are ideal for organisations or individuals who want to create meaningful positive change.

  • Family foundations, trusts or charities,
  • Private organisations and family businesses,
  • Individuals with the means to be a force for good but are time-pressured or unsure of how to proceed.
How Do Catalyst Packages Work?

No two Catalyst packages are the same. Each is tailored to meet the goals of an individual client.

This is just a flavour of what Catalyst packages can include:

  • Knowing what you want and why: defining and expressing a clear goal or purpose.
  • Winning support: strategies for gaining buy-in and backing from key people.
  • Research and analysis: identifying partners, defining parameters for evaluation.
  • Taking action: putting in place the systems and processes you need to deliver effective outcomes.
  • Evaluation: monitoring and reporting on success. Reviewing your overall aims and using outcomes to feed learning and future planning.
  • Annual review: reflecting on the practical and emotional impact of your actions and celebrating the experience of being a change-maker.

Catalyst packages provide support for a fixed number of days per year for an annual service fee. Base packages start from as little as 5 days spread over 12 months.