Conversation Series
Conversation Series

In partnership with Farrer & Co and Institute for Family Business

A meeting of individuals - philanthropists, impact investors, wealth holders or inheritors, entrepreneurs and family businesses - who convene to share ideas, explore challenges, problem solve, learn from respective experiences and collaborate in a confidential and independent environment.

Born out of a desire for independent, solution orientated, peer-to-peer dialogue, the Conversation Series provides insight on trending or emerging social impact issues.

Spring 2015

The Anatomy of Philanthropic Investment | Kindly hosted by SandAire


Alexander Scott, Chairman, SandAire
Richard Tyrie, Founder, Good People
Facilitated by: Catherine Tillotson, Managing Partner, Scorpio Partnership

Collaborating from the Inside, Out | Kindly hosted by Grosvenor


Alexander S Hoare, Partner, C. Hoare & Co
Garreth Wood, Founder and Chairman, Adventure Philanthropy
Facilitated by: Alexandra Sharpe, Partner, Deloitte LLP

Family to Society| Kindly hosted by Farrer & Co


Jane Sanders, Trusts Director, Grosvenor
Jane Neville and Liz Neville, Volac Family Foundation
Facilitated by: Polly McLean, The Funding Network

Objectives of the Conversation Series:
  • A thought-provoking platform to openly discuss and collectively provide leadership of emerging or trending issues,
  • Access to expertise, new ideas, insight and experience,
  • Opportunity to connect, share and learn through dialogue,
  • Peer to peer experience and exchange,
  • A trusted environment, committed to helping attendees succeed with advancing their potential of using wealth for a greater good,
  • A contribution to creating large-scale social change.

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