Leesa Muirhead
Leesa Muirhead


Leesa is a collaborator, visionary, gentle disruptor and entrepreneur who brings almost 20 years experience to catalysing positive change.

A strategic thinker, Leesa is motivated by a deep belief of empowering people as a path to social and economic equity.

Leesa founded Adessy in 2011 to inspire and enable organisations and individuals to be a force for good and build a better world. Focused on systemic change, Leesa’s approach integrates purpose, creative thinking, collaboration and innovation. Bringing holistic interests to her work, she believes that sustainable leadership emerges from integrating wellbeing and personal experience.

Adessy comes from a Latin word meaning 'to inspire', which encapsulates the vision of Leesa’s work.

Her vision for Adessy is to become an eco-system of connections, collaborations, partners and supporters who champion a new era of leadership, which enables a sustainable future and helps change the world for the better.

Adessy incubated Pioneers for Change, a UK-based social enterprise, which provides a Fellowship for those willing to harness their talents, energy and resources as a force for good. Pioneers for Change is a seed-bed for innovative thought, and a platform to harness collective energy, which is showcased on the Pioneers for Change Huffington Post blog. Published regularly, and inviting a variety of guest contributors, the blog celebrates change makers and topics including entrepreneurship, philanthropy, social impact investing, and social enterprise.

Leesa is a Fellow of the RSA, a certified coach with Association for Coaching and a qualified partnership broker, further equipping her to catalyse change.