Mission, Vision and Values

Adessy Associates values highly harmonious collaborations as crucial to the success of the business. Trust plays an important part in relationships between organisations, and clients. We are committed to maintaining mutual understanding and meeting expectations between all clients and stakeholders, for the benefit and success of all.

Our mission is to leverage social impact and create a legacy of economically viable, inspirational and practical change, for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our vision is to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable world by combining innovative thinking, resources and capital with a common objective. Adessy is a Latin word meaning ‘to inspire’, which we believe encapsulates our vision perfectly.

Our values describe how we contribute to, and behave in the world:

  • Collaboration: leverage collective genius.
  • Diversity: inclusive and tolerant of all genders, cultures and beliefs.
  • Focus: listen, observe, learn and deliver.
  • Inspire: creativity, passion, optimism and satisfaction.
  • Integrity: be authentic and true to our word – “walk the talk”.
  • Leadership: the courage to shape a better future.
  • Partners: nurture a successful network of clients, partners, collaborators and stakeholders, and together create mutually beneficial and enduring value.
  • Passion: committed in heart, mind and actions.
  • People: be a great company to work for, where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • Quality: what we do, we do well and to the best of our ability.
  • Responsible: be accountable for our actions, focus on building and/or adding value, learn from outcomes.
  • Sustainable: be responsible and make a difference by possessing a world-view and making a tangible contribution.
  • Work smart: responsive to change, constructive, highly effective and insatiably curious.